“I was always getting in my own way, but didn’t realize it. I had dreams of opening my own custom tailoring and dressmaking business, but always thought that there were too many hurdles and that I could never actually overcome them. Johanna was able to help me see that my own fear of putting myself out there was the issue. She gave me strategies to deal with this fear, push forward and tackle each hurdle as it came. Without Johanna, I wouldn’t have my business!”

“Hanna gave me some helpful advice to get my small business going in the right direction! It’s hard to know where to find such advice but she gave me a good list of things to start off with.”

“Johanna helped me sift through all my crap to figure out what I really wanted out of my life… and then she helped me figure out how to get there! I’m still working on achieving my goals, but honestly, I didn’t even have those before. She is a game changer for me!”

“Johanna can break things down so rationally, even when I’m being my overly irrational self. She can get through to me and help me see more clearly.”