About Me

Hi! I’m Johanna Hill, DC and I’m passionate about helping women and non-binary folks overcome obstacles to reach their full potential in their lives and small businesses.

I am passionate about helping women and non-binary folks in all aspects of their lives! My work as a chiropractic physician has been focused primarily on pregnancy and infant pediatrics because this is the population with whom I love working. After experiencing the many challenges involved in starting two successful businesses in male-dominated industries (and managing several more), I found my path to success and love helping others find theirs. The shift in mindset and approach required to succeed in business (especially in traditionally male dominated spaces) can be transformative to more than just your business. It can transform your whole life!

I have two small children and a husband with physical disabilities so I know what it’s like to juggle it all! One of the biggest challenges of starting a small business is to find a balance, where we remain connected to loved ones but still achieve our professional dreams. The classic model of business growth is one that stresses late nights, hard work, and sacrifice above all else to achieve success. I don’t believe it has to be that way.

I love organizing, strategizing, and creating systems. It took me a long time to figure out that if I don’t have systems in place, everything falls apart. My brain will be calm (and not spiraling through my to-do list) if I put my thoughts down on paper (or in one of many digital organizational tools that I use), and then into a usable plan of action.

I love books. A soothing space and tidy bookshelves full of good books is my happy place. If I could somehow merge this with a peaceful outdoor location it would be heaven!

I am passionate about social justice. I was raised by progressive activists and spent my childhood attending organizing meetings, canvassing, and holding protest signs on street corners, all of which still influences my life today. I strive to create spaces that are anti-racist, inclusive, trauma-informed, open, and warm for all. I want anyone I work with to feel safe, seen, and supported.

I have a varied work history that ultimately led me here. My first professional job was working for a business development and career coach. Through this work I learned many of the foundational skills that I still implement today. I have also worked with children teaching music; been a freelance writer; helped friends, family, and colleagues start and grow businesses; been involved in the start-up process of several non-profits and a board member of other established ones; and opened my own successful branding and advertising agency focused on the nonprofit world. Finally, after a significant family tragedy, I decided to change careers entirely and returned to school to become a chiropractic physician. I now run a successful business as the premier prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric multi-disciplinary practice in Southern and Midcoast Maine. It’s been a whirlwind life getting here, but a joyful one!

As a chiropractic doctor I specialize in prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care. A big part of my job in this role is to empower people to trust their bodies and themselves through pregnancy and the birthing process. Through this work I realized that I wanted to provide support to this same deographic not just during pregnancy, but also in other aspects of life and business as a coach and consultant. Thus, a second business was born!